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Architectural Workshop in Beijing and Xingyi

With Rektor architect Lv Pinjing from CAFA, Beijing  and Eric Messerschmidt as moderator.

See workshop PDF here

The workshop fases.

Project introduction
Site Excursion (Place TBD)
Brain storming of Xingyi future plans

The workshop was supposed to find arguments, that in the long term could secure the interest of the  Province and the local community. Viceguvenor Hu and Plandirector Xiao was convinced to take our “recommendations” , and make them theirs, so Developer Liang could be provided with guidelines for the development , to prevent an disorganized development, that was the intentions in the schematic proposal, which until then was the intentions for the future plan.

Participators were danish architects, and vice-governor Hu , plan director Xiao and developer Liang.

photos from Serban Cornea.