Bjorn Norgaard’s Opening Speech

Remodelling the world means that man allways from generation to generation has transformed and reshaped the world with the challenges and changes in conditions and possibillities that man faces through times.


But you dont remodel out of nothing, you have a material, the basic earth, clay, wood, stone and so on, and in mans history through development, inventions, experience, knowledge, science and art, the possibillities has been more and more complicated and multiplied and specialized.


Today we have created a mutual modern global world with many new possibillities for all of us, but also if we not in respect and humility, listen to the heart of nature and the heart of people, we instead as well can create chaos and disaster, we and the next generations have a great responsibility to use our talents and skills to be responsibel and show high moral standards in whatever choises we make.


But material for mans remodelling the world again and again generation after generation, is not only the basic material and new technologies it is also history, traditions, spirituality, stories, I believe that we have to develop a new modernism, an organic modernism where we at the same time share the welth of modern technology, and realize that there are not only one truth, but many pass into the future, we must faithfull to our background in respect for each others different history, have an open dialog how to share the future on this planet.


Thats why I have chosen or stolen the last part of the text by Feng Ying Jing 1555 – 1606, ”…..Today we are illuminating each other. As people in the world share one mind, , we are not to fail in the communication between east and west”.


I had in 2007 my 60th anniversery in China, and celebrated that with a performance ”Sisyphos meets Konfutse and drink his first cup of chinise tea” in the gallery of The danish Cultural institute, which now on sunday will be transformed into the Danish Cultural Center in 798.

在2007年,我在中国过了我60岁的生日,做了一次行为表演“东方遇上西方,西西弗斯得到他的第一杯中国茶” 在丹麦文化中心的展览厅,丹麦文化中心新的美术馆也将在本周日在798开幕。

In this month around this date in 1964, 50 years ago I left highschool, joined the Ex-school group and became a free artist, that I now can celebrate my 50 year jubilee ini China with this exhibition.


I have many to thank that we came that long, first the staff from our national gallery, the former director Karsten Ohrt and the new director Mikkel Bogh, that you accepted to organise the exhibition to curator and researcher Birgitte Anderberg for an outstanding job, and your the excellent assistents Birgitte Vilslev, Katrine Segel and Morten Sørensen, Thank you.

我需要感谢所有人。首先感谢丹麦国家美术馆的工作人员,前任馆长Karsten Ohrt先生和现任馆长Mikkel Bogh先生。谢谢本次展览的策展人Birgitte Anderberg极其出色的工作,以及她的助理Birgitte Vilslev, Katrine Segel 和Morten Sørensen。

Then still from Denmark our Director of the former Danish Cultural institute Eric Messerschmidt thank you for your invaluable effort for this exhibition and for fantastic 12 years together in China, and thanks a lot for the beautifull catalogue and especially the chinese edition, thanks to your staff Jennie Zhou, Li Yang, Pei Yan, Tang Sai, Nina Ebbensgaard and He Xi.

其次,感谢丹麦文化中心中国区的主席Eric,谢谢你为这个展览的所有付出,以及我们在过去的12年中在中国的所有合作。谢谢整理这次展览的画册,谢谢Jennie Zhou,李洋,裴燕,唐赛,Nina Ebbensgaard和何溪。

Dear Director Wang Huangsheng thanks for the most important part the invitation, and that you took time with Birgitte Anderberg to curate and organise. I have through many year followed your exhibitions in this museum, it is second to none, I am trouly proud to be here.

非常感谢王璜生馆长的邀请,感谢你与Birgitte Anderberg共同组织和策划这次展览。我多次来央美美术馆看展,每个展览都无可匹敌,非常荣幸能在这举办我的个展。

Also CAFA museum has a wonderful experienced and commited staff, thank you to all of you, to Yi Yue, Ma Liang, Wu Peng, the workers and the voluntiers students, with out all of you, my assistent Henrik Keil and I could not have done this.

另外,央美美术馆有很多颇有经验和值得信赖的员工,谢谢你们。谢谢易玥、马亮、吴鹏,以及参与这个展览的所有的志愿者,以及我的助手Henrik Keil。没有你们,我无法完成这个展览。

My first visit in China was in september 2002, 12 years ago in Foshan, the first two chinese artist I met was the organiser of the Building Ceramic symposium professor Wenzhi Zhang, from the academy in Guangzhou and professor Xia De Wu from CAFA, since then we have worked and discussed thousends of thinks and have been meeting again and again thanks to both of you for bringing me to China.


In 2002 I also visited CAFA for the first time and talked with your president today Fan Dian, dear Fan Dian and CAFA  thank you for letting me meet your wonderfull bright student trough lectures and workshops, whenever in China or other places in the world I meet young people, I believe in the future.


I can continue my thanks to so many people in China, a hole chapter is my work in Xiamen, but another day.


Last but not least I will thank professor Tan Ping from CAFA for our dialog, talks about art, and the possibillities in art and for artist, I have truly extended my view on how east and west in respect can learn from each other. Thank you.


In the end i will quote Winston Churchill that in quite another kind of dialog, when the british had won its first victory in north Africa, said that, for me this is today about my peacefull and respectfull, but also openminded dialog with chinese artist, students, craftmen, scholars.


This is not the end
This is not even the beginning of the the end
But this may be the end of the beginning.


Thank you.


Translated by Yi Yue